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Active Barriers

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Active Bollards (Electric or Hydraulic)

Passive Fixed Bollards

Manually Retractable Bollards

Fold Down Bollards

Shallow Foundation Bollards

Active barriers are essential to any project in the security industry.  For any location needing vehicular access it is important to have an active system that is reliable.  Factors to consider are cycle times, mode of operation (electric or hydraulic), and the number of vehicles entering/exiting per day.

The Bad Day active barriers range from bollards to wedge barriers, crash gates and crash arms.  They also come in different ratings from low rated models designed to stop a 5,000lbs vehicle at 30mph, to K12 (M30) capable of stopping at 15,000lbs vehicle at 50MPH.  The crash rating and style of the barrier changes depending on the site specifications as well as the specific type of application.

Of course, no “one barrier” fits all, so, we will review your site specs and requirements to provide you the right active barrier application that fits your need.

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